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Ironbark frequently contributes reports, information and time to the sector. Over the last decade we have written hundreds of articles, delivered webinars and developed presentations and reports that we have promoted through this website, our newsletter and social media.

On this page you can search through all of these free resources by either high level categories, tags or free search in the search box. You'll see that each resource contains related news so you can explore further.

If you have any questions or can't find what you're looking for you may also want to try the project area links in our main menu bar at the top of the page, otherwise please just contact us. We hope you find valuable information you're after and feel free also to drop us a line with general feedback or suggestions.

In late April 2018, ICLEI Oceania, Beyond Zero Emissions and Ironbark Sustainability launched the Australian Local Government Climate Review 2018, a 34 page report that is the end result of the most comprehensive local government and climate change survey Australian councils and communities have ever witnessed. Download the report and come along to a webinar on Monday 21st May where we'll be presenting the report in detail; analysing some of the trends; getting deeper into the data with our...

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A bit lost with all the local government climate change programs, protocols, trends and information that seem to be out there at the moment? Suffering from a severe case of TMA* over the CCR, CPP, CCP and CCR and responding with a healthy dose of WTF? Well take a seat at our upcoming webinar on Thursday 7th September 2017 from 11:00am-12:00pm AEST where we discuss all you need to know about councils and climate action in 2017 (* Too Many Acronyms).


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The successful Paris Agreement adopted in December last year represents a historic turning point in the international fight against climate change. Central to the adoption of the Paris Agreement are items of critical importance to Australian councils, including how Australian councils set localised science based targets that align with the ambitious target of the Paris Agreement to limit the increase in global average temperature to 1.5 degrees. Come along to our free council webinar on Monday...

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After the first ERF auction in April 2015 it was clear that opportunities for councils are extremely limited. However, with the second auction taking place in early November 2015 and possibly a third in early 2016, changes may be a foot. Will councils be able to participate in future auctions? What types of projects could be eligible - such as buildings, street lighting and landfill gas projects? What are the best opportunities for councils? How should a council bid? What will be the impact of...

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Energy efficiency and renewable energy policies at Federal and State levels have constantly been in the news over the last 12 months, but not so much on how these changes affect councils. Australian councils could well be excused for a feeling of apprehension around the future of mechanisms that support energy efficiency and renewable energy at a local level. However history tells a different story, and it has actually been in the more challenging policy settings where local government has come...

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With the Coalition's election win in September 2013, Greg Hunt is the new Federal Environment Minister. Ironbark met with Mr Hunt in late August 2013 to discuss potential greenhouse gas reduction and energy efficiency opportunities for local governments under the Coalition’s Direct Action policy. Here’s our quick take on what it means for councils, and some important advice for those who have CEEP funding from the previous government.


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The carbon price is a market mechanism that incentivises industry to move away from polluting energy sources to low carbon energy production. For local government the flow on effect is a relatively minor increase in energy costs, unless you have landfill that triggers inclusion into the scheme. When we say a “relatively minor” cost issue, we’re comparing it to the other items that impact on energy price increases. The carbon price impact is often confused or misrepresented by other impacts such...

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