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Ironbark frequently contributes reports, information and time to the sector. Over the last decade we have written hundreds of articles, delivered webinars and developed presentations and reports that we have promoted through this website, our newsletter and social media.

On this page you can search through all of these free resources by either high level categories, tags or free search in the search box. You'll see that each resource contains related news so you can explore further.

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Eurobodalla Shire Council’s Environment & Sustainability Project Officer Tom Dexter shares his learnings on retrofitting buildings and engaging with building occupants while undertaking audits. Council has recently completed a Sustainable Small Facilities Program where they undertook simple retrofits, rated and audited the building and engaged with occupants all in the one visit. This program identified possible greenhouse gas emission and water savings of around 30%. It is also projected that...

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Large facilities such as aquatic centres are under pressure to be more energy efficient. A key flagship project for many such sites is cogeneration. Moreland City Council recently commissioned a case study that compared one of its existing cogeneration systems to high efficiency boilers linked to a photovoltaic system. These results were enlightening and will inform how Moreland generates heat and electricity for aquatic centres in the future. See here for outcomes of the study and tips for...

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Results from over 1,000 Sustainable Small Facilities (SSF) assessments undertaken by 17 Australian councils have enabled Ironbark to make estimates of the current energy and water performance and potential benefits for the average council across different facility types. Data reveals that the average council facility can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 53% and water by 43% and can improve the sustainability rating from 2 Stars (fair) to 4 Stars (very good). This article outlines results in...

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Eurobodalla Shire Council and Tweed Shire Council both avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs at their water pumping stations by being strategic about where and when they pump water. This project is replicable where any site has high demand (known as KVA) charges and machinery with flexible operation times. Here they share their learnings and outline tips for other councils wanting to be smart about how they operate their major machinery.

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