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Ironbark frequently contributes reports, information and time to the sector. Over the last decade we have written hundreds of articles, delivered webinars and developed presentations and reports that we have promoted through this website, our newsletter and social media.

On this page you can search through all of these free resources by either high level categories, tags or free search in the search box. You'll see that each resource contains related news so you can explore further.

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Large facilities such as aquatic centres are under pressure to be more energy efficient. A key flagship project for many such sites is cogeneration. Moreland City Council recently commissioned a case study that compared one of its existing cogeneration systems to high efficiency boilers linked to a photovoltaic system. These results were enlightening and will inform how Moreland generates heat and electricity for aquatic centres in the future. See here for outcomes of the study and tips for...

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Ku-ring-gai Council staff inherited a Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) target of 20% reduction on 2000 levels by 2020. Council needed to determine their progress towards the target as well as reviewing the relevance of the CCP framework and the achievability of the target.

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NSW councils are now able to use the Sustainable Design Scorecard to assess council-owned and commercial buildings. This free tool – aligned with Green Star and NABERS – was designed with local government buildings in mind. It allows councils to easily set building performance standards and contains NSW reference tools to help designers produce sustainable buildings. This article contains more information and a download link to the NSW tool.

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Are you a sustainability officer who needs to integrate sustainability into Council-owned buildings? An asset manager who needs to include sustainability in your Asset Management Plan? Councils face the challenge of using sustainable building standards and tools that cater for large and small facilities; are easy to use and update; and enable high level benchmarking and reporting. When we work with councils to improve the sustainability of their assets, we keep tabs on what the sector is doing...

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Aquatic Centres are often the most energy intensive facilities Councils own. Staff who manage these centres have a wide range of technically complicated tasks to carry out every day. Sustainability issues need to be integrated into the daily operation of the centres for any lasting change to occur. Aquatics & Recreation Victoria (ARV) and Ironbark have announced a strategic partnership aimed at helping local government aquatic and recreation centres to become more sustainable.

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Aquatics & Recreation Victoria (ARV) and Ironbark have announced a strategic partnership aimed at helping local government aquatic and recreation centres to become more energy efficient. As part of the partnership, ARV and Ironbark will be delivering a series of workshops to help centre staff and management teams take control of the sustainability agenda at their sites. The workshops will provide attendees with the key background information and practical tools to assist them in assessing the...

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