Three Major Road LEDs Approved for use by Victorian DNSP Ausnet Services

Three Major Road LEDs Approved for use by Victorian DNSP Ausnet Services

Libby Gleeson
June 2016

In June 2016 Victorian Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) AusNet Services announced the approval of six residential (Category P) LEDs and the introduction of three major road (Category V) LEDs that are now available for use on the network. 

The new residential LEDs provide additional replacement options for 80W and 125W mercury vapour lights and the major road options will allow the energy efficient replacement of old 150W, 250W and 400W high-pressure sodium lights. 

This is big news for councils looking towards major road lighting changeovers as the next step in energy efficient public lighting upgrades. 

The announcement also came with AusNet’s revised public lighting maintenance pricing schedule. The table below outlines the new LED lighting options available, the technologies that they replace and the OMR (tariff) charges for each.

It means that councils in the Ausnet DNSP area can changeover all of their major road lights that aren’t cost-shared with VicRoads. 

The MAV are currently conducting a survey to gauge the level of local government interest in potential major roads lighting projects. The survey can be accessed here and is open until July 1 so be quick if you haven’t already filled it in! The survey comes in the wake of discussions between the MAV and VicRoads over the last 12 months about future street lighting upgrade projects and in particular major road lighting.

This news means that three out of the five Victorian DNSPs have now approved the use of LEDs to replace old higher-wattage sodium major road lights giving more councils the opportunity to look at these upgrades. 

Funding for street lighting projects that will be likely be available through the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) will also improve the business case for major road lighting upgrades for Victorian councils. Ironbark is now developing detailed financial business cases for councils interested in pursuing major road lighting upgrades. There’s not need to wait, we can develop a business case for you now to assist in budgeting and making the case internally. If you would like to know more about these business cases and the potential impact of the VEET scheme, please contact us.