Sustainable Council Buildings: Self Assessment Tool

Lucy Carew-Reid and Shane Melotte

Ironbark’s Sustainable Council Buildings Program aims to support and enable your council to track progress and take action towards best practice environmentally sustainable buildings (new and existing, large and small). 

Ironbark’s program includes a complimentary service to help inform the local government sector of best practice building approaches including this Self-Assessment Tool.

What Does a Best Practice Council Look Like?

A council with best sustainable building practices is one that makes it easy for councillors, council departments and contractors to do their jobs – to ensure that new and existing buildings are updated and maintained to be as efficient, comfortable and affordably run as they possibly can be.

It is a council that does more than simply focus on their ‘top ten buildings,’ it is one that has systems and actions in place to address sustainability in all buildings from the get go rather than a more reactive approach. To achieve this a range tools and expertise are required.

Examples of what you can expect to see at a best practice council are:

  • Resource efficient buildings
  • Environmental building performance standards and specifications that are suitable for large and small buildings, and new building/renovation projects through to maintenance and management
  • Senior level and cross-departmental support and enthusiasm
  • Training and tools to ensure that any standards can be practised on the ground by staff and contractors
  • Someone who can play a sustainability advisory role to monitor outcomes and continually assist stakeholders
  • Integration of sustainability into BAU for council buildings

The Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment Tool is designed to gather broad information about your council’s approach to sustainability in council-owned buildings and feeds into a free ‘Status Report’. This Report contains indicators of progress for each delivery area – Plan, Act, Review – and identifies key areas to prioritise for improvement.

The report can be used as a valuable tool to prioritise actions and raise internal awareness on how your council is performing, how to improve performance and what support is required.

Each council has its own approach and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If your council is at the beginning of addressing sustainability in buildings don’t be daunted if several areas do not apply. The Status Report will still help you frame your approach and strategy.

Allow approximately 30-40 minutes to complete the assessment. The more information you include, the more useful the Status Report will be for your council! All information submitted will be treated as confidential.

If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to call Shane Melotte at Ironbark for support: 1300- 288-262

Follow this link to get started (you can save it as you go so you don’t have to complete it all in one sitting).

Facilitated Action to Achieve Sustainable Council Buildings

Ironbark facilitates a strategic and systematic approach to improving sustainability outcomes in buildings and management practices through both a Sustainable Council Buildings Plan and a suite of targeted services.

See Building Services for more details.