Australia Hits the 200,000 Mark for Energy Efficient Street Lighting

Alexi Lynch

The energy efficiency revolution in Australia is continuing full-speed ahead and in early April 2015 the 200,000th energy efficient street light was changed over!

Local governments throughout Australia are installing energy efficient street lighting such as LEDs to replace old inefficient and expensive technology and in the last few years these projects have exploded into the mainstream.

As of 29th of April the Australian Energy Efficient Street Lighting Counter stood at an incredible 203,227 lights, representing over 1.36 million tonnes of greenhouse gas abatement. To provide some context to this figure, it's the same as taking 267,442 cars off the road per year or heating and cooling 580,808 Australian homes for a year!

The most recent projects to get started include the City of Maroondah and City of Moreland. Moreland are racing through their LED installation and the project has nearly finished! Meanwhile projects funded through the Federal Government's Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP), such as the 23,000-light Lighting the Regions project, the Watts Working Better project and Lighting the West are running at a fast pace right on schedule.

The Norm, Not the Exception

In Victoria, energy efficient street lighting bulk changes are the norm, not the exception, given the exceptional return on investment and massive energy and cost savings that can be made.

In fact, there are now only 11 Victorian councils that have not undertaken this project.

The single largest project in Australia is still Brisbane City Council, which completed a 25,000 light changeover in 2014. Parts of regional and rural NSW have also completed changeovers through programs with Essential Energy, resulting of tens of thousands of lights being changed. This has involved partnerships with organisations like Regional Development Australia, who have worked with 7 NSW councils and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, who helped finance projects such as the Richmond Valley Shire project

There are many, many more to come.

In NSW, Ironbark has been engaged by the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) to assist with their Light Years Ahead project on behalf of 9 councils in Western Sydney. Ironbark is also currently working with large groups of councils and local government associations in South Australia and Tasmania to get the ball rolling.

Onwards and upwards towards the ultimate target: all 2,303,896 street lights in Australia.