Smartest Lighting Summit: 28th-29th August 2019

Today, Australian councils are moving into the next frontier of a smart city framework. Now, more than ever our councils and communities have the opportunity to monitor air quality, detect incidents, manage parking and traffic, and measure energy efficiency. 

Smart lighting, smart controls, automation and connectivity each have a role to play within these broader smart city innovations, but how do we properly incorporate each facet within our urban locales, especially when shifting regulatory standards and rapid technological developments abound? By learning what’s next – from the best. The Australian Smart Lighting Summit is back in Melbourne for its 7th year on the 28th and 29th of August to propel you through the journey from street lighting to a smart city. 

Bringing together the brightest minds across lighting and council sectors, the event provides a local and international look at best-practice solutions centred towards integrated, automated and sustainable smart lighting within specified regulatory contexts.

Seventh Year and Still the Biggest and Best in Smart Lighting

Endorsed by City of Melbourne, major municipalities, associations and leading lighting providers ahead of the smart lighting game, the conference explores topics including: 

  • Lessons from Los Angeles – Benefits of Connected & Smart Lighting 
  • Exploring the Influence of Norway on the EU 
  • San Diego’s Smart Lighting Upgrade
  • Blue Light – Green Light or Red Light? One Year On.
  • Unburdening Indian Cities
  • Alight at Night: Interactive Light Installation
  • Exploring the Balance Between Innovation and Sustainability in Lighting
  • And so much more...

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Meet the Regulators: AEMO v AEMC v AER v NER v COAG v Key Federal Players in Smart Lighting! 3-Page Cheat Sheet

At the Smart Lighting Summit this year, we’re gathering representatives from regulatory bodies within the sector to explain their roles in relation to key smart lighting topics.

Stakeholders are often left out of the loop and confused when it comes to the roles of leading regulators and market operators. Paul Brown, Managing Director of Ironbark Sustainability and Australia’s most experienced lighting expert, will facilitate the panel discussion to bust some long-held myths! Paul has worked with councils, national regulators and operators for decades and will explore the different roles and how they intersect.

A raft of issues and questions will be addressed including:

  • Can the AER force a DNSP to change their maintenance pricing process?
  • Can AEMO push through smart metering for street lighting?
  • Who controls new lighting approvals? 

In advance of the conference, we’ve prepared a 3-page “cheat sheet” in plain English to provide a brief overview of the roles of each stakeholder in relation to smart lighting. You can download it just be expressing your interest in the Summit.