Smart Lighting Webinar: 12 of the most Relevant, Topical and Applicable 2019 Case Studies from Australia and the World!

It's been another big year in smart lighting with hundreds of incredible pilots and completed projects locally and internationally. Sometimes it's hard to know what is of value and how to separate the wheat from the chaff! To close out 2019, we've collected 12 of the most relevant case studies that Australian councils can learn from. 

Instead of a shopping list of every damn pilot or project out there, we've sought projects that are applicable, topical, relevant and cognisant of the opportunities and restrictions we face in Australia. We narrowed it down to the key projects with some unique insights that we shared with Australian councils at a webinar on Tuesday 17th December.

We start close to home and then spread out across the globe to see what we can learn - from Glen Eira to Wyndham, Adelaide to Sydney, Newcastle to San Diego, and France to Norway!

As well as touching on some of the basics, we also look at the nuances within each project and pick out the discreet lessons that are relevant to Australian councils and communities. This includes:

  • How Australian councils are designing in smarts today and reaping higher than expected financial rewards
  • How temperature sensors are working to help with urban heat strategies in the western suburbs 
  • Interesting smart poles, complexity and bespoke smart lighting precinct planning in capital cities
  • How Darwin's lights are adapting to the environment in the most incredible ways
  • How San Diego deals with CCTV and privacy in the public and private realm (hint: machine learning and artificial intelligence! And it's not that hard)
  • Nordic lights and European approaches to health and biodiversity 

Missed it? 

If you weren't able to join us for the webinar you can tune in to the recording below.

The Slide Deck

Once you've watched it you can download the awesome slide deck (with information and links!) from here. But don't do this until you've watched the webinar, we want your feedback! 

Seriously, the feedback is really important so let us know what you think. So far, here's a summary of the feedback from those who watched the webinar live: