Are you Ready for the Smart Lighting Revolution? Special Council Webinar Now Online!

In case you've been hiding in a cave, nearly 110 Australian councils have now changed over their street lights to energy efficient street lights such as LED, and we are inching our way to the magical half a million mark. This represents over a quarter of all residential (or local) roads and outshines most of Europe, South-East Asia and North America. 

Pat yourself on the back Australian councils.

How do we know these numbers?

Well... we've been supporting 95 of the 110-odd councils. This means we've developed the business cases; the project plans; the detailed design plans; assisted in procurement; dealt with the risks and incidents; and in most cases managed the whole damn thing from idea to the very last light! 

Prove it! Which councils are they then? 

Glad you asked! Here's the list of councils which gets updated regularly. And here's the Australian Street Lighting Counter with the most up-to-date information. If you've changed your lights and you're not on this list then let us know and we'll add you to it and update the calculator immediately.

Latest News for Councils in Smart Lighting Webinar

While the nearly-half-a-million-lights achievement is a pretty big deal, there is still a long way to go. And there is some big news in the street lighting world that you really should be aware of. Some of it requires thought and planning. Some of it will have impacts on your job. Much of it offers great opportunities moving into the next decade. So sit back and enjoy the presentation style and experience of two of Australia's leading street lighting experts in our recent council smart lighting webinar. The webinar took place on June 14, 2018 and covers the latest on smart street lighting and what it means for you and your council, including:

  • Stranded Assets: What the Minimata Convention means for your council and what you need to do to prepare for it pretty darn soon.
  • State of the States: We rip around Australia and see who’s the latest to install LEDs and, of course, the latest on councils retaining ownership of the new lights.
  • From P to V: An update on the major roads (V-Category) projects currently underway and some nearly complete. This is the latest trend and the refocus of many councils who have already completed their residential (P-Category) projects.
  • Regulation Change: An update on the great work of the Federal Government to capture dimming savings from unmetered street lights (i.e. the majority of street lights).
  • Smart City Systems and Governance: How councils can ensure they're at the table and influencing decisions. 
  • Smart Lighting Pilots: What are the most important benefits of smart lighting? And a call out for councils who want to join the leading smart city councils and deliver value driven and specific smart lighting pilots. 


Smart Lighting Pilots EOI  

The webinar also covered smart lighting pilots that have been delivered by Australian councils and released an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the attendees to become involved. This EOI is now available to all Australian councils and we are locking in several additional projects as we speak. 

Click here to register your interest in the Smart Lighting Pilots. 

Your smart lighting pilots will answer the question of "What is the value of smart lighting and how can this value be realised?"

Each pilot will be designed to create new knowledge and build on the work of other pilots and projects around the country.

Councils can choose from the following areas of value for their pilots:

  • Road safety (focusing on compliance and maitenance improvements)
  • Asset management 
  • Energy management (including dimming) 
  • Air quality 
  • Temperature 
  • The use of cameras, wifi and telecommunication 

It's an exciting time for technology and its great to see that councils are at the centre of this change!

Questions, Questions, Questions... Answered, Answered, Answered  

Ironbark's motto is Real Action. We've been involved in a lot of LED street lighting projects over the last decade and our senior staff, who all have experience working at Australian councils, have been involved in literally thousands of projects between us. We have a lot of experience in real action - seeing projects completed, lights changed, energy reduced, dollars saved and emissions down. And we're always happy to share this experience so if your question isn't answered in the information above or in the webinar, please get in touch.

* Are you from a South Australian council? Well the news has been even bigger for you recently so we also presented a special SA Webinar! It's all here. You're welcome to view both but the SA one will be more appropriate.