Ready, set...$500m NSW Climate Change Fund around the corner

Lucy Carew-Reid and Paul Brown

In July the NSW Government is due to release $500 million as part of their Climate Change Fund Strategic Plan. The draft is currently being finalised and proposes $200m for accelerating advanced energy, $200m for energy efficiency and $100m for preparing for a changing climate.

Based on the draft, councils will receive support for several activities including upgrading public lighting, developing a resource efficiency policy and purchasing renewable energy. What’s unclear at this stage is what exactly the support will entail, and whether it will be in monetary or other form. The other role for councils (particularly in regional areas) will be to provide advice to communities on advanced energy opportunities and climate change impacts.

Sharpen your pencils and stay tuned! There will be the usual mad scramble to access funds once the final Climate Change Fund Strategic Plan is released. And there’s a fair bit to decipher given there are three separate funding areas potentially delivered by three separate departments. Ironbark are currently working with several councils and regions to scope projects and access funding such as this. Sign up here to keep informed of key local government NSW Climate Change Fund opportunities, timelines and how to best prepare.


p.s. If you want to know why you should listen to all the latest funding advice from Ironbark, it's because since 2013, we've worked on funding applications with hundreds of councils around Australia. This has included state and federal schemes that have come and gone from the small (for example developing the successful Smart Light Feasibility Study application for a Victorian local government network through the Collaborative Council - Sustainability Fund Partnerships (CCSFP) Program) to the big (for example, developing building and lighting funding applications for councils throughout Australia through the Community Energy Efficiency Program or CEEP). For CEEP, this included developing successful applications for 64 council projects worth $70.31 million. This represents buildings and street lighting projects from Western Australia to Tasmania and everything in between.

In total we've helped Australian councils successfully secure over $110 million of funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.