MAV and Ironbark - Supporting street light changes from start to finish

To assist councils in managing the complex procurement landscape associated with the transition to energy efficient street lighting, Ironbark Sustainability has formed a partnership MAV Procurement to support councils from the start to the end of a bulk change program. The support includes project preparation, procurement, negotiation with distribution businesses and lighting suppliers throughout the preparation, delivery and finalisation of the bulk change process.

This service is available to any Victorian council. 

In facilitating the procurement process on behalf of councils, MAV Procurement and Ironbark seek to achieve better financial outcomes for members by leveraging economies of scale and a streamlined and efficient process, while simplifying the resource requirements of councils and ensuring full compliance with the Local Government Act.

In other words, we’ll help you through the complicated preparation, tendering, procurement and implementation of this project.

You can submit your expression of interest online by contacting us.*

*Note this does not obglige you to be a part of the process but even if there's an outside chance your council is considering changing to more efficient street lights we recommend you register to take advantage of the cost savings through aggregation of projects and tenders.

Note also that MAV Procurement selected Ironbark after completing a competitive selection process for street lighting expertise on councils’ behalf.

For information on this process please contact:

Cameron Spence, Manager of MAV Procurement, MAV, 9667 5554 or ; or
Alexi Lynch, Business Leader, Sustainability Strategy, 1300 288 262 or ; or