Ironbark, ICLEI Oceania & BZE Team Up to Develop the Local Government & Climate Change Survey 2017

Alexi Lynch

The most comprehensive local government and climate change survey Australian councils and communities have ever witnessed has closed and ICLEI OceaniaBeyond Zero Emissions (BZE) are now busily analysing the data and producing a final report. 

>> Download the Preliminary Report!

We invited Australian council and community stakeholders to take part in the survey to better understand local government climate change actions, policies, strategies and targets. The survey identified successful case studies across Australia and will help to identify challenges and barriers faced by different councils, leading to policy recommendations and better climate outcomes.

Preliminary Report

Thanks to the 150+ people who responded to the survey. We know this was longer than most surveys but we don’t ask these questions often. We think it was a really important survey and already the data is showing some interesting trends and highlights: 

  • 66% of councils have a baseline greenhouse gas emissions inventory for council operations
  • 26% of councils have a baseline community-wide greenhouse gas profile
  • 49% of councils have a reduction target for council operations
  • 42% of councils have an adaptation plan or strategy and anther 32% intend to develop one
  • 17% of councils have a fossil fuel divestment commitment 

We've developed an 18-page Preliminary Report with some snapshots that you can download now for free.

We have a lot more information and analysis to come.

The Final Report

We're now developing a detailed Final Report on the results of all the data which will include detailed analysis from all the quantitative and qualitative data; recommendations; trends; case studies and input from content experts.

The Final Report will contain robust data to back up advocacy for resources and funds for the sector. There'll be compelling analysis and conclusions that can be used to support internal budget bids and benchmark with other councils in your region. You'll be able to leverage what other councils are doing to work regionally on energy efficiency or renewables projects.

The 150+ people who filled out the survey will also receive state-by-state snapshots so you can compare your council to others in your state. 

ICLEI Oceania and Beyond Zero Emissions 

We assume you know a fair a deal about Ironbark, but if you want to know about our wonderful partners for this project, Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is a not-for-profit organisation internationally recognised as a climate solutions think tank and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability is the leading global network of over 1,500 cities, towns and regions worldwide committed​ to building​ a sustainable future. In Australia ICLEI Oceania is the focal point for the Global Covenant of Mayors and initiates numerous other sustainability programs and networks.