Smart Lighting Presentation Webinar Now Available!

Ironbark and MAV Procurement are again joining forces to assist councils with upgrading their street lights. Now that Victorian councils have all but completed the upgrade of old inefficient lights to LEDs on minor roads, it’s onto main roads, smarter technology, more market contestability, more council control and an expansion interstate with the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) coming on board for the materials panel component. The Smart Lighting Program Mark II will again offer councils the opportunity to purchase LEDs directly from a standing panel of lighting suppliers whose LEDs have been approved for use. There are also some big new additions, including an installation contractor panel; opening up to other states; more lights to choose from; smart lighting and smart cities services; and support for smart lighting projects from start to finish.

The Smart lighting Program II Webinar that was presented on the 6th of December 2018 is now available below! This covers all details about the upcoming Mark II Program including:

    - Details about the program
    - Scale of opportunities for Local Government in Victoria and Tasmania 
    - Roles and responsibilities for the Program
    - Smart Lighting integration in the Mark II Program 
    - Further details 
    - Next steps for each council