WA Smart Lighting: Ironbark Presents on Smart Lighting and LEDs at WALGA Conference in Perth

Ironbark Managing Director Paul Brown presented at the WA Local Government (WALGA) Convention on Thursday 2nd August 2018. Paul spoke on the panel session, "Public Lighting for Local Government: How Bright is the Future?" from 1.15pm to 2.45pm.

Western Australian councils have a great opportunity to join the smart lighting revolution and the timing is perfect to start planning for the inevitable change. With the likely Australian ratification of the Minimata Convention on Mercury, a move to LEDs will become necessary to avoid councils and distribution businesses retaining stranded assets - so the time to develop business cases and start planning is now.

WA councils can learn from the 106 councils around Australia who have already made the switch as Paul explained exactly how councils have been successful in overcoming the traditional barriers to implementing these projects - costs, expertise and working with distribution businesses.

New LEDs and Tariffs for WA Councils

This WALGA Convention session provided information on what capabilities and capacity currently exists for Local Governments to install and operate their own street lighting and related infrastructure. Things appear poised for movement over the next year or so as WA councils and Western Power talk turkey on LED street lighting. We've got LEDs and new tariffs in the wings and some great projects from Esperance and Joondulup which point towards a steady increase in the use of LEDs across the state.

The key questions around large changeovers to smart lighting is not when will they happen but how will they be funded and how will councils be incentivised to fund them. The tipping point of clear pricing and smooth project delivery is still to come.

Ironbark are very excited to be working with a bunch of leading councils in WA to answer these key questions. It's a very similar process to that which was undertaken in South Australia 3 years ago through the Transitioning to Safe and Sustainable Public Lighting process where Ironbark were engaged by the Cities Marion, Charles Sturt and Onkapringa to develop business cases and start negotiating with SAPN, the SA distribution business. Fast forward to 2018 and projects are underway throughout SA. 

Please contact us if you couldn't make the WALGA and we can take you through the recommended initial steps. There are also benefits to be gained for joining with projects already underway so make sure you get in touch if you want to jump on board!

Ironbark on the WALGA Energy Services Standing Panel

Ironbark are on the WALGA Energy Services Standing Panel, a contract that delivers WALGA Members an integrated range of energy supply and related services. We are a Preferred Supplier for Energy Consulting & Ancillary Services which means we can assist in all things street lighting and energy. The Prefered Provider Program provides a range of benefits to councils including:

  • Value for Money: Through Preferred Supplier Contracts
  • Best Price Guarantee: Preferred Suppliers are contractually bound to provide their best price and conditions to Members purchasing through WALGA. So significant financial savings can be achieved
  • Tender Exemption: Purchasing through WALGA means that you don’t have to tender. A tender exemption applies to all of our Preferred Supplier Contracts. This saves on time, money and risks associated with tendering.
  • Quality Suppliers: Through the competitive tender process, the most appropriate suppliers are awarded a contract to provide Members with direct access to the brands they want across all categories
  • Quality Procurement: All Contracts are established by procurement specialists using a rigorous public and compliant market process. Preferred Suppliers are pre-qualified to provide Members with the safeguard of a quality-assured process, legal compliance, probity, risk mitigation and security of supply.
  • Quality Contract Management: Preferred Supplier Contracts are managed by our contract specialists to ensure optimal performance, best pricing and full compliance. This means councils are not caught up with contractual disputes costing time and money.

Smart Lighting Pilot EOIs

If you missed our webinar in June 2018 with comprehensive Australia-wide updates and information on all things LED and smart lighting then all is not lost! The webinar was recorded and has now been uploaded for you to view at your leisure.

You can also now register your interest in the Smart Lighting Pilots here.