$150,000 Innovation Funding for Regional NSW Councils

In late 2016 (just around the corner!) the NSW Office of Local Government are releasing Round 2 of their Innovation Grants to help rural councils with populations of less than 10,000 explore new ways to sustain their communities and maintain local services.

Why not get prepared now? There’s a $2 million bucket remaining and the guidelines are already available.

Get in touch with Ironbark now if you would like help preparing a submission.

Who can apply:

  • Councils in regional NSW or the Far West region of NSW with 10,000 people or less
  • Councils can apply individually or as a group
  • If applying as a group, the group may include a larger (i.e. ineligible) council so long as the primary beneficiary is the smaller council(s)
  • Those who weren’t successful in round one
  • Councils must have completed their merger (if they are part of a merger proposal)

Funding structure:

If all councils went for the full amount, there would only be 13 successful individual applicants, so it’s a very competitive grant.

  • Up to $150,000 for individual councils
  • Up to $400,000 for projects with more than one council
  • 30% co-contribution required from applicants
  • Multiple applications from each council/group allowed, so long as they don’t exceed funding cap

Focus of grant:

  • To improve the long-term sustainability of small councils and ensure that their communities continue to receive quality services
  • To develop more efficient processes, different ways of delivering services, sharing resources with other councils, or using technology to help overcome the challenge of distance
  • Closely linked to councils’ Fit for the Future improvement plan or any other community strategic plan

Of the thirteen Round 1 recipients:

  • Two focused on environmental sustainability - Lighting and Energy Efficiency Implementation, and Aboriginal Community Based Environmental and Waste Management.
  • Seven focused on improved information technology software and digital technologies.
  • Others focused on service delivery and capacity building.

For full guidelines and Round 1 recipient details refer to the NSW Government website.