How Local Governments are Monitoring and Evaluating Climate Adaptation Plans and Initiatives

Ironbark Sustainability is supporting PhD Research relevant to local government across Australia, and internationally. Close Ironbark friend and local government expert Helen Scott, a PhD Candidate at RMIT University, is looking into monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation in local governments. 

Many Australian councils have assessed their risk and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, and are implementing climate change adaptation actions to lessen this risk. However, there is significant uncertainty around how you monitor and assess the effectiveness of adaptation initiatives. Helen is looking at this conundrum as part of her PhD research.

We’re promoting her survey, which is the first step in a broader research project. We encourage all local governments to complete the survey – whether you are undertaking climate change adaptation initiatives or not. Plus Helen is offering three x $100 Coles Gift Vouchers to as an incentive to participate! Please jump on board and complete the survey - this is critical research that will be valuable to the sector. If you have any questions or comments about completing the survey, please contact Helen via email at helen.scott(at)