Federal Stimulus Projects and Local Government Climate Action Webinar Now Available

We've been running some numbers on councils who have “shovel-ready” projects that are covered by the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program stimulus package and are projects that reduce emissions and cut energy costs.


There are councils who we know for sure have a project that is shovel-ready. This means everything is in place with clear returns on investment; ticking the relevant guidelines; technically feasible and will reduce emissions.

Iron. Hot. You know what to do.

There are massive opportunities here for your council and things can move quickly. We can provide the analysis to make the case internally if you want to develop a business case or feasibility study to strike while the iron is hot.

One group of councils we know are already looking into striking while the iron is hot, is in the Central Victorian region, home to the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) and some of the more innovative councils and communities in Australia when it comes to climate change.


CVGA’s Executive Officer, Rob Law, spoke to the Bendigo Advertiser some time ago to talk about how he was working quickly to ensure that the 16 councils in his area are prepared to make the most of the opportunity. Ironbark’s Alexi Lynch was also interviewed in the same article, “Could coronavirus be just what the doctor ordered for 8000 Loddon Mallee streetlights?” outlining some of the additional challenges councils face changing over main road (or Vehicle-category or V-cat or Major Roads or probably something else…) street lights. And how the sector can use the current stimulus funding to get these projects moving.
In mid-June we held a webinar - Federal Stimulus Projects and Local Government Climate Action Webinar: How to Prepare!  and Rob came along to talk about his approach.

The webinar took us through:

  • The background, the basics, who can access funding and which projects are eligible
  • Measures to ensure that the stimulus funding flows not only to local infrastructure projects – but reduces emissions and energy costs at the same time
  • The different lighting projects you can undertake and the largest opportunity areas
  • The key steps to making sure your business cases are ready – so you have the key report ready to send up the chain with all the robust financial, technical and risk information senior management and councillors need to pull the trigger
  • Ways to incorporate energy efficiency on community facilities
  • Actions to ensure bicycle paths, walking paths and road building are designed and built to integrate sustainability

You can also check out our A-B-C-D to making sure you are integrating climate action and sustainability into eligible stimulus funding projects and our two-minute summary to the Stimulus Package here.

View the Federal Stimulus Projects and Local Government Climate Action Webinar Now below! Once you've done so, download the presentation pack and give us some feedback here.