Evidence-Based Community Climate Action Planning Webinar Now Online

“Can you just tell us the five top things that any council can do to reduce emissions?”

It’s hands-down the most common request we get whenever we talk to councils (or anyone!) about climate action planning. Fair enough too! No one wants to spend time and money on pieces of paper and endless workshops whilst the planet is (literally) burning.

Last year we held a webinar on Evidence-Based Action Planning and it was one of the most popular webinars or presentations we’ve ever held. We looked at the critical distinction between actions and intervention; how councils can best leverage community stakeholders to ensure significant emissions reduction; how collaborative action works.

In the last few months we’ve been engaged by over a dozen councils around Australia to advise on evidence-based action planning. Most recently Hannah and Matt from our climate program presented to Central Coast Council in NSW last week to discuss, demonstrate and plan for evidence-based action planning for council – and the results were illuminating and extremely encouraging. And we want to start sharing this far and wide. 

So You’ve Declared a Climate Emergency 

83 councils in Australia have declared a climate emergency. Another 120 are participants in Cities Power Partnership and 32 have joined the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. 

As councils move on from the relatively easy part of the equation – internal action like energy efficiency on council leisure centres or changing your street lights to LEDs – it’s time to start on the municipal-wide projects that will make a significant difference and solutions that respond to the scale of the challenge at hand. 

Councils who have set zero-emission goals, understand their community emissions profiles or have developed science-derived emissions reduction targets are aware of the scale of the challenge. It is significant. But local government have always been at the forefront of meeting climate challenges. So let’s go.

Learn from the Evidence

If you are ready to learn from the evidence and hard data then watch our webinar which was held on Tuesday 11th February 11am AEDT.

In this webinar we walk you through Ironbark’s process for identifying how councils can maximise their impact and understanding how councils can be effective in reducing emissions. Not only that, but how councils can reduce more emissions, reduce emissions faster, and achieve the greatest level of abatement per dollar spent.

To do this, we talk about considering BAU (business-as-usual) trajectories for communities, identifying market barriers to the uptake of emissions reduction technologies and bringing about long-term, systemic change

We use the evidence from hundreds of projects around Australia and the world and put some key common council projects up side-by-side to compare – and to help guide councils so limited resources and budget are flowing towards the work that will result in the most effective climate action. 

Once you've watched it (below) you can download the presentation pack, which includes the slides from the webinar and a special 11-page EBAP report.

Webinar: Evidence-Based Community Climate Action Planning