Councils and Climate Action Webinar: CCR, COM, CDP, CCP, CPP... WTF?

A bit lost with all the local government climate change programs, protocols, trends and information that seem to be out there at the moment? Suffering from a severe case of TMA* over the CCR, CPP, CCP and CCR and responding with a healthy dose of WTF? 

Ironbark held a webinar on Thursday 7th September 2017 where we discussed all you need to know about councils and climate action in 2017. 

This webinar was presented by Alexi Lynch and Paul Brown, two of Australia’s most experienced local government and sustainability professionals, along with special local government guests. Here’s what we looked at:

  • Emissions reduction targets for council 
  • Emissions reduction targets for broader community 
  • Council climate programs 101: Compact of Mayors; Zero Carbon Communities; Cities Power Partnership; TAKE2. Which one is for me and how do they align?
  • Science Based Targets for local government 
  • NCOS and corporate emissions data
  • Community data and the GPC Protocol 
  • Why it’s time to de-couple GHG profiles from targets

Of course, setting targets and committing to programs won't result in a single tonne of greenhouse emissions reduction. Committing to programs, setting targets and developing greenhouse gas inventories and profiles is only the beginning. 

We discussed how to leverage these commitments and foundation to advance the real game - enabling and engaging councils and communities to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy and emissions reduction projects. 

For further background research and information, check out Science-based Targets, the Compact of Mayors and Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Report Package articles, Target-Setting Webinar recording, and Fundamentals for Climate Action summary. 

 * Too Many Acronyms

Webinar Available Now

A recording of the webinar is available below.