Achieving Real Results: Council Experiences Using ESD Performance Tools

Lucy Carew-Reid

Councils are well versed in the types of ESD performance tools they can use to ensure their buildings are sustainable.

But how do all these ESD tools and requirements translate at a practical level? Do they actually achieve what they are designed to? And are they easy to use?

At this webinar, 3 councils talk about their experience using these tools on actual projects.


  • Sarah Patterson, Sustainable Living Officer, Lake Macquarie Council: Using the Sustainable Design Scorecard on a sports pavilion design.
  • Ian Adams, Sustainable Design Officer, Knox City Council: Comparing two building projects – one that used the Sustainable Design Scorecard and one that didn’t. And some tips for achieving the best results.
  • Carl Hopley, Environmental Planner, Wollongong City Council: The highs and lows of using Green Star Performance on Council’s Administration Building (first Australian Council building to achieve this rating).