Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Report Package

Community greenhouse gas data has been the bane of councils throughout Australia over the last decade. While developing a corporate (or internal) inventory is straight-forward enough, data limitations have hampered attempts to create complete community (or municipal-wide) inventories, while the lack of a clear and consistent protocol has frustrated those trying to account for various emission sources.

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Three Big Changes

Firstly, there is now an internationally accepted reporting standard. It's called the GPC (Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories) and was created by ICLEI Oceania, the World Resources Institute and C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. It is the greenhouse gas reporting standard for councils and communities and outlines emissions accounting principles; how to define inventory boundaries; reporting requirements; calculation methods; and how to track performance and manage an inventory over time. 

Secondly, the sector has better access to data. Over the last 18 months Ironbark has been working with councils throughout Australia and partners to collate data from traditional sources (such the ABS and ABARES) as well as directly from utilities, retailers, CSIRO and other state sources to develop community inventories that are GPC-compliant. Councils such as Port Phillip, Mornington Peninsula Shire and Joondalup have all developed inventories that have been independently verified as compliant to GPC.

Thirdly, there's now an international reporting platform called the Carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) that any council can join for free. This allows councils to report on their performance, commitment and action and tie it into a raft of local and international programs. See, for example, how Copenhagen and Melbourne have used cCR to report emissions and use innovative methods to overcome obstacles.

The GPC Community Emissions Inventory and Report Package

Having developed numerous GPC-compliant inventories for councils, we’ve identified and sourced relevant data for inventories that can be applied to any Australian council to achieve compliance with the protocol.

In addition, senior Ironbark staff have been certified as GPC greenhouse gas emissions inventory specialists through the World Bank’s City Climate Planner Certificate Program. Based on this knowledge, experience and sector feedback, we’re offering Australian councils GPC-compliant community data packages that will be “future-proofed”, so you can use it again and again and again. The package includes:

  • A GPC-compliant inventory (excel format)
  • An Activity Data spreadsheet with all the data and sources (excel format)
  • A Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report containing all of the information, references, activity data, assumptions, inputs, insights, charts, emission factors and other relevant data
  • Assistance with Compact of Mayors compliance (if applicable)
  • Independent verification by ICLEI Oceania
  • An annual review through a second follow-up GPC-compliant inventory (and Activity Data) in 12 months’ time so you can compare and take advantage of broader and more accurate data sources.

All calculations will be completed using non-proprietary methods and all data sources, assumptions and calculation equations and outputs will be made available to you. GPC "Notation Keys" and "Explanation Notes" will be included where relevant to ensure the inventory can be used and updated into the future by Council and/or other providers or consultants. You’ll get all of this within 6 weeks of giving us the green light.

Your council would be joining thousands of councils around the likes of Cities of Penrith, Melbourne, Moreland, Sydney, Mandurah, Byron, Hobart, ACT, Adelaide, Perth, Port Phillip, Joondalup, Melville, Yarra and Mornington in Australia. As a founding partner of the Compact of Mayors and the lead local initiator of the program in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, ICLEI Oceania are also offering councils a free assessment to determine the work and resources required for your Council through the Compact stages.

So just click here to get more information or to jump on board if you want a GPC-compliant Community GHG inventory; Activity Data; Emissions Inventory Report; independent verification by ICLEI Oceania; and a second GPC-compliant GHG inventory in 12 months’ time!

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