Webinar: Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Profiles - Lessons from 81 Councils and Next Steps

Over the last 3 years, Ironbark have worked with 81 Australian councils to develop community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) profiles (or inventories) for their municipality. It’s fair to say that through this process we have learnt a lot about community data and actions and built a wealth of experience for municipalities of all types! We now have a team of 5 staff at Ironbark working in this area.

We invited all Australian councils to a webinar in October 2018 to give you some big updates on all things community emissions data, action and next steps!

Big Updates

This 1-hour webinar was held at 3pm (ADST) on Monday 29th October and covered:

  • Updates on data – new sources; accuracy and scalability of data
  • How councils around Australia are using their profiles
  • Communicating your emissions profile internally and across the broader community 
  • How your profile relates to your municipalities’ Science Derived Target (SDT) and carbon budget
  • How the latest IPCC report impacts on your profile and carbon budget
  • The next 12+ months

For those 81 councils who we've worked with on developing community emissions profiles, we also explained what to expect in your “follow-up” 12-month GHG profile review. In case you’ve forgotten, as well as delivering an initial profile that was GPC (Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories) compliant, we also promised a second follow-up profile taking into account the latest information and new data sources. This includes:

  • Updated emissions factors, scopes and methods
  • Broader and recent data sets
  • Update on collaboration with DNSPs and other data providers
  • Comparisons with other councils and regional groups (e.g., alliances and ROCs)

There’ll also be plenty of time for questions. 


This webinar was open to all Australian councils, State and Federal governments, and local government organisations. 

If you want a copy of the recording, please contact us and we'll send it through.


Having now worked with so many councils on developing community greenhouse emissions profiles over the three years we've got to a stage where there's a higher level of understanding around the role of community data; the basics of the GPC protocol and some of the challenges. If you've attended any Ironbark workshop or webinar on community emissions profiles before then, you'll have a good understanding of the basics. If not, there are some great resources already publicly available.

A great starting point is the webinar we delivered for Sustainability Victoria as part of the Local Government Energy Saver (LGES) Program. Check out the first webinar, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting for Corporate and Community. It runs for 2 hours but this includes 30 minutes of questions at the end, as well as a fair amount of detail on corporate emissions inventories. So you can head to the 1 hour 9 minute mark (or click here to go straight to this section) if you just want the community GHG emissions part.

There's further background information here and you can also download our jargon-buster here or view a recording of our webinar from late 2017, Councils and Climate Action 2017: CCR, COM, CDP, CCP, CPP... WTF? where we discussed emissions reduction targets for councils; emissions reduction targets for broader community; council climate programs 101; Science-Derived Targets for local government; NCOS and corporate emissions data; Community data and the GPC Protocol and more.

Finally, click here if you want information on having a community GHG emissions profile developed for your council.