Campaspe’s Energy Efficient Street Lighting Changeover – Another 1,833 Lights

The rollout of the Watts Working Better project has seen the Shire of Campaspe change over 1,833 old mercury vapour lights to energy efficient T5 lights.

Campaspe Environment and Waste spokesperson, Cr Greg Toll, said the changeover will result in a large reduction of greenhouse emissions and savings of $2.2 million over 20 years for the northern Victorian shire, which is situated on the Murray River border with NSW

"Council’s participation in the Watts Working Better project reflects our strong commitment to addressing the impacts of climate change and achieving some of the key environmental outcomes of our Environment Strategy," Cr Toll said. "Changing over street lights to more efficient ones will not only make a significant difference to the environment, it will save Council hundreds of thousands of dollars in the longer term, which is great news for all ratepayers." 

The project is coordinated by the Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance, which received $2.95 million from the Australian Government towards the Watts Working Better project. 

"All Councils involved in the project will collectively reduce greenhouse emissions by 93,100 tonnes over 20 years which is the same as taking 21,000 cars off our roads," Cr Toll said.