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Why One Planet Councils?

If everyone on earth consumed as much as the average person in Australia, we would need four planet's worth of resources to support us.

Rooted in the science and metrics of ecological and carbon foot printing, the One Planet framework responds to the above challenge using ten One Planet principles to structure thinking and inform holistic action.

These ten areas comprehensively address the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability.

One Planet Councils enables Australian councils to:

  1. Focus efforts on ten areas developed to comprehensively cover all the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability

  2. Assess your efforts against the only standard that really matters: Are we using our share of One Planet?

  3. Inspire all your stakeholders with a fresh, engaging process, that connects you to a long-term and world-leading sustainability program

The One Planet Living framework is the most versatile framework available for demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. It has been used by hundreds of local councils, governments and organisations around the world to address sustainability. One Planet principles have also been used for new developments, precincts, events, organisations and communities in over 50 countries.

Click here to see the 10 steps to becoming a One Planet Council or here for more information on the 10 One Planet principles

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