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Ten Steps to Becoming a One Planet Council

"The One Planet Living methodology is the simplest to understand, yet the most informative and all inclusive for achieving sustainable solutions"
Penny Barnes, City Design, City of Melbourne

The One Planet Councils framework allows councils to set out a clear vision and shared goals for sustainability strategy, policy and operations against a simple concept: One Planet Living. The framework is complementary to existing processes and does not lock you into a single tool or provider. Most importantly, it addresses all major aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability in an approachable, understandable and enjoyable way.

1. Assess current state of play
This is achieved by council undertaking an assessment of its operations to understand its impacts, with a gap analysis of existing policies and programs.

2. Get high-level buy-in
Support from executive and councillors is critical. The One Planet Living approach and the ten principles have been designed to appeal to a wide audience and the majority of people do engage with the message once it has been explained to them.

3. Communicate and engage
Input from strategic partners and the community is crucial at the early stages. Relevant stakeholders should also have input to the action plan and help set targets.

4. Publish a Sustainability Action Plan
Set short-term targets and long-term aspirations (to 2025 and beyond) across each of the principles. Ironbark recommends using Common International Targets (see FAQs for more information on targets) that are available to Australian councils to focus the plan on the long-term goal of a One Planet Council to make sure that the framework is sufficiently rigorous.

5. Develop a clear brand and message
Projects can benefit from a strong brand and communications strategy to tie all elements together.

6. Implement or adapt a monitoring system
If council doesn’t already use an environmental management system or similar framework, it can adopt one or incorporate into existing monitoring systems to measure progress.

7. Embed in council
Staff are a key resource and every effort should be made to engage with them, make them One Planet Champions and use their ideas. A senior officer should be appointed for each principle and will help to push the agenda upwards and disseminate actions throughout the organisation.

8. Implement projects
This involves implementing sustainability projects that help meet your targets such as projects that improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse emissions or water use, or create sustainable economic development opportunities. Councils will find it easy to apply for funding (external and internal) for exciting, replicable environmental projects under the One Planet banner which will also raise the profile of sustainability projects.

9. Undergo an annual review
This will assess progress against the Sustainability Action Plan and plan for the next steps. At this stage, the Sustainability Action Plan should be reviewed and updated.

10. Community engagement
Ongoing community engagement can ensure the One Planet model is adopted by the wider community. This process is about everyone living in the municipality working together, including businesses, households, individuals, community bodies, strategic partners and other government bodies.

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