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Getting Started - Undertaking a Gap Analysis

"Toward One Planet Living: Greening the Western Suburbs, seeks to reinvigorate discussion between council, its community and other key stakeholders about the future we want."
Fiona Jenkins, Sustainability, City of Charles Sturt 

There are 10 steps to becoming a One Planet Council and the first one is to assess your council’s current state of play by undertaking a gap analysis of current council operations and processes.  

Step 1: Assess the current state of play

This is achieved by council undertaking an assessment of its operations to understand its impacts, with a gap analysis of existing policies and programs. One of the benefits of the One Planet Councils framework is that councils can undertake this gap analysis, and indeed any of the 10 steps, internally. The One Planet Living framework is based on an open source model so councils can utilise the freely available information to develop their own gap analysis, or build the capacity of council staff by undertaking accredited training through BioRegional.

Alternatively, councils can work with a One Planet Assessor who has been trained in the One Planet methodology to provide expert advice and assist councils through the process.

As One Planet Assessors, and a dedicated local government consultancy, Ironbark Sustainability can assist councils to complete this first step by offering the following:

  • A training workshop with council staff, including senior management, to introduce staff and other stakeholders to One Planet principles.
  • A facilitated workshop with key sustainability and other council stakeholders to identify current sustainability related goals, strategies and targets.
  • The identification of gaps against the One Planet principles and targets.
  • The development of a report with the gap analysis and recommendations.
  • Templated One Planet Council communications and strategic documents.

After completing this step you will have a clear understanding of how to become a One Planet Council.

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