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81% of Victorian Councils Undertaking Energy Efficiency Street Lighting Projects

Paul Brown
September 2013

For Australian councils, the focus on energy efficient street lighting has been gaining strength since the mid-1990’s. Councils’ key interest over the last decade has been in residential street light efficiency. Many challenges have emerged due to the complexity of the sector, and the scale of the projects. In particular, there have been challenges in approaches to contestability; in relationships with the electricity distribution businesses; in pricing models and in technology choices.

>> July 2014 Update: It's now 232,000 lights coming down!

We used to say that things were changing. We can now say that things have changed. 

There are 79 councils in Victoria and an incredible 64 of them have either implemented an energy efficient street lighting bulk changeover project or are about to. This is 81% of all Victorian councils - and this figure only includes projects that have secured funding.

No fewer than 48 councils (nearly two thirds of all Victorian councils) have been successful in sourcing street lighting funding through the Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP), including 11 in round one and a whopping 37 in round two. In round two alone, $24.9m of CEEP funding went to these Victorian projects.

The Ironbark team was thrilled to be involved in developing business cases and/or funding applications for every one of those 37 councils.

This is wonderful news and we congratulate all successful councils. The hard work of council officers, managers and elected members, as well as organisations such as MAV and ICLEI Oceania have paid off.

Here are some numbers:

  • Over 183,000 inefficient 80W mercury vapour lights to be replaced over the next four years
  • Greenhouse gas savings of 1.21 million tonnes over the life of the new lights
  • Combined financial savings for Victorian councils of $270-$340 million over the life of the new lights (depending on energy price increases)

For those who like greenhouse comparisons, this is the equivalent of taking 270,198 Australian cars off the road for a year or lighting 1,549,137 average Australian homes for a year.

Projects have begun

MAV Procurement and Ironbark Sustainability have combined to provide a support program for Victorian councils implementing energy efficient street lighting bulk changes. The Street Lighting Program is in full swing and we have worked with dozens of councils over the last 12 months in developing project plans, design specifications, communications plans, and in providing support to project procurement and implementation. 

Projects have started, lights have been purchased, installers have been engaged and are already up the poles changing the lights. With each light that is changed, nearly 70% of the old lamp’s energy is saved.

Councils have been purchasing thousands of energy efficient street lights through the pre-approved bulk procurement panel which means they have been able to contact suppliers directly without going to tender, savings months of procurement headaches! All procurement oversight and compliance with the Local Government Act is supplied through this process.

If you’re interested in the MAV-Ironbark Street Lighting Program please contact us to organise a briefing:

Note that MAV Procurement selected Ironbark after completing a competitive selection process for street lighting expertise on councils’ behalf to support councils through street lighting bulk replacement programs.

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