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Lighting is a ubiquitous feature of the built environment. By virtue of this, lighting presents one of the best opportunities for a public or private institution to reduce energy use, greenhouse emissions and lower its operating costs. Ironbark Sustainability provides a suite of tailored services and projects that assists its clients to tackle inefficiencies in its lighting. 

Below are just some of the typical sustainable lighting services and projects that Ironbark Sustainability offers. For further information regarding any of these services please feel free to contact us.

Energy Efficient Street Lighting Bulk Changeovers

Street light bulk changeovers represent the potential for major energy efficiency gains as well as greenhouse and cost reductions and are clearly of interest to most Australian councils. However changing street lights to more energy efficiency options can take time and can involve difficult negotiations internally and externally. Ironbark works nationally on street lighting efficiency and has assisted hundreds of Councils and regions in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and WA to progress street lighting bulk change projects. More information on the steps involved in a street lighting bulk changeover can be found here.

MAV - Ironbark Street Lighting Program

In Victoria, Ironbark has teamed up with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) to achieve better financial and energy efficiency outcomes for Victorian councils undertaking a street lighting changeover. The support includes project preparation, procurement, negotiation with distribution businesses and lighting suppliers throughout the preparation, delivery and finalisation of the bulk change process. The program has also involved establishing a panel of suppliers to provide energy efficient street lighting hardware to leverage economies of scale when purchasing lights. Councils have already been able to save up to 27% on materials procurement by working together through this process. The partnership also simplifies the resource requirements of councils and ensuring full compliance with the Local Government Act. Click here for more information or to join for free

Funding for Street Light Projects

There are a range of funding opportunities now available for projects that reduce energy in street lighting. Ironbark been working with ICLEI Oceania, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and state Municipal Associations to assist councils to access the funding and advise on financing. Since 2011 we have been involved in securing over $30.4 million of external funding and financing for councils for street lighting changeovers alone. The total value of these projects (including council contributions) is $80.4 million and they will save councils up to $340 million in energy and maintenance costs. Click here to see what is currently available from a funding point of view or contact us to discuss your options

Lighting Design

Ironbark specialises in small to medium scale lighting design. We offer an extensive range of design services including

  • Lighting schemes for new developments
  • Lighting schemes for car parks, sporting ovals, intersections, roadways and traffic control devices
  • Interior lighting schemes

Creation and Management of Energy Savings Certificates

Ironbark works with councils in NSW to create Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) for energy savings arising from street lighting projects under the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).

As an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP), Ironbark can reduce the risks and costs for councils by managing the process from start to finish. When a council undertakes a street light upgrade, Ironbark works with the relevant Distribution Network Service Provider to obtain the information needed to document energy savings and the creation of certificates. 

As a specialist local government consultancy we can create ESCs at a much lower cost than other providers. Click here for more information and to watch a short webinar explaining the ESC process.

Open Spaces Lighting Audits 

Lighting in open spaces such as parks, sporting reserves and car-parks contributes around 10% of a council's emissions and costs associated with lighting. Due to its direct control, open space lighting presents Councils with one of the easiest ways in which to improve its emissions profile. 

Ironbarks offers a service to map, identify and audit a Council's open space lighting stock. At the end of a project Council will be in a position where it knows where its lighting is and what can be done to make it more sustainable. Typically, Ironbark will identify around 600 tonnes of annual greenhouse emissions savings  and $60,000 in annual cost savings. Contact us to find out how.

Lighting Trials

The gradual move away from traditional Mercury Vapour and High Pressure Sodium lighting technologies has generated a strong interest in new and emerging energy efficient lighting solutions. Many councils, distribution businesses and lighting suppliers are now looking for guidance around which technologies to pursue. Lighting trials are one of the best ways to determine the suitability of a lighting technology. Ironbark Sustainability offers a comprehensive service to assist with the management, design, data collection and data analysis of lighting trials, enabling you to make an informed decision about new lighting technologies. Contact us for more information

Lighting Policy, Guidelines and Strategy

Lighting policies and guidelines are critical in order to outline the desires of council for lighting levels in different zones and specifying high quality components for new installations. Typically a policy addresses standards for:

  • New installations in streets 
  • Installations in car parks, parks, sports facilities, pathways etc.
  • The use of timers and other control devices
  • Specific performance criteria for poles and lights

Examples of energy efficient street lighting guidelines and policies include the City of Port Phillip and Moonee Valley City Council. This work is crucial to being able to effectively plan for street lighting bulk changeovers and open space lighting projects. Contact us to find out more on developing policies and guidelines for your council.

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