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Ironbark's Experience

Ironbark Sustainability brings together over 30 years experience in the public lighting sector. From policy and strategic advice to lighting design and implementation, Ironbark's in depth knowledge has made it Australia's most respected authority on sustainable public lighting.

Since its inception in 2005, Ironbark has assisted scores of Local Governments, Educational Institutions and lighting manufacturers and suppliers across Australia. The successes we have achieved with our clients has led directly to thousands of tonnes of annual greenhouse gas savings. Below are some examples of Ironbark's recent projects.  

Open Space Lighting Audit - Moonee Valley City Council

When looking to improve the sustainability of their open spaces lighting stock, Moonee Valley City Council was not only faced with the difficult task of identifying suitable energy efficient replacement technologies, they also needed to work out which lights were theirs and where they were?

Ironbark Sustainability worked closely with Moonee Valley City Council over a period of six months to tailor a project that would help them to answer two overarching questions:

  1. Where are our current open spaces lighting assets?
  2. How can we make them more sustainable?

Ironbark was able to provide Council with an effective solution to both of these questions. Using a project-specific GIS data capture system, field audits were carried out to log and map Council lighting assets. Using this data, an extensive report was generated detailing suitable replacement lighting schemes for each site. 

"The Sustainable Open Space audit was our most useful piece of work in public lighting. Knowing where our lights are and how to make them more efficient is extremely valuable. We are now able to plan our capital works program for public lighting and achieve significant greenhouse savings. I highly recommend any Council undertaking this audit for their own lighting."

Penny Mueller - Senior Sustainability Officer

 Key Outcomes

  • The identification of 690 tonnes in potential annual greenhouse savings;
  • The identification of annual cost savings of $66,000; 
  • A clear strategy for Moonee Valley to affect change across its public lighting including replacement options, capital costs, savings and payback calculations;
  • Follow up support from Ironbark that has lead to real action with in a number of sites across Moonee Valley.
  • A data base of lighting assets compatible with Council's asset management system 

To date Open Space Lighting Audits have been delivered to several councils in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.



Bulk Change Assessment, Business Case and Tender Advice




From January 2009 to October 2010 Ironbark Sustainability worked with the City of Yarra to assist them in converting their existing inefficient street lighting stock to new energy efficient T5 lighting. The project involved many stages over its 22 month period and provides an excellent example of Ironbark Sustainability's action based approach to sustainability. 



The project began with a Bulk Change Assessment which analysed the current lighting scheme and determined if lights could be replaced with sustainable alternatives without compromising lighting standards and community safety. Accompanying this analysis was a business case that provided Yarra with a detailed report on expected costs, annual savings, payback periods and tendering options. 


With a sustainable lighting scheme and business case developed, the City of Yarra was in a position to approach Distribution Businesses with a request for quote on works to carry out a bulk change program to install efficient lighting. Ironbark Sustainability was able to offer the City of Yarra its experience in negotiating with Distribution Businesses to ensure it received the best financial outcome.


In August this year, the first of many thousands of lights were changed over to efficient T5 technologies. In the years to come the City of Yarra can expect to save over 2500 tonnes of greenhouse emissions annually as well as over $160,000 in annual cost savings.


Key Outcomes

  • The identification of over 2500 tonnes in potential annual greenhouse savings;
  • The identification of annual cost savings of $160,000; 
  • A clear and simple lighting design that ensures standards are met;
  • A detailed business case allowing Yarra to understand costs and payback periods;
  • Successful negotiation with Distribution Businesses;
  • Commencement of bulk change in August 2010


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