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Sustainable Public Lighting

Ironbark is Australia’s leading expert in sustainable public lighting, and has assisted many local governments to plan for and implement lighting changeovers for both council-owned and distributor-owned lights.

Ironbark provides public lighting support nationally including technology advice, technology approvals, business cases and project management. 

Ironbark combines decades of experience in the public lighting sector with a passionate and real-world approach to sustainability. Our suite of action-based projects reflect this approach, and has led Ironbark to become Australia's most respected authority on sustainable public lighting.

Ironbark's results speak for themselves. For example, best-practice collaborative projects in Victoria have seen 64 of the state's 79 councils implement energy efficient street lighting bulk changeover project, representing 81% of all Victorian councils, reducing emissions by 1.21 million tonnes and saving councils and ratepayers up to $340 million through reduced electricity and maintenance costs. 

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Australian Energy Efficient Street Lighting Counter

Throughout Australia there is somewhat of an energy efficiency revolution occurring with local governments installing energy efficient street lighting such as LEDs to replace old inefficient and expensive technology. Lights are being changed over in their hundreds of thousands and it’s only been in the last few years that these projects have exploded into the mainstream. 

To celebrate this achievement and to congratulate the hard work of local government officers, managers, elected members and local government associations, Ironbark Sustainability launched the Energy Efficient Street Lighting Counter in 2014, an online counter that tracks the number of energy efficient street lights that have been installed by Australian councils. 

With every light that is changed over, councils and ratepayers are saving money and reducing greenhouse emissions – hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas abatement.

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