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Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET)

Funding type: Certificate scheme
Funding Amount: Depends on council size
Amount per Council: Depends on council size
Jurisdiction: Victoria
Availability: Now available

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) is a Victorian Government initiative promoted as the Energy Saver Incentive. It commenced on 1 January 2009 as a residential energy saving program. It is legislated to continue in three-year phases until 1 January 2030.
The scheme operates by placing a liability on large energy retailers in Victoria to surrender a specified number of energy efficiency certificates every year. Each certificate represents in tonne of greenhouse gas abated and is known as a Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC). 

Around 30 "Prescribed Activities" are currently included in the scheme, ranging from the installation of high efficiency hot water systems, air heater/coolers, lighting, draught proofing and window treatments through to the purchase of high efficiency appliances like refrigerators and televisions. A full list of these activities can be found on the VEET website.

Business programs were included in the scheme from early 2012. Certain building retrofit actions are now included as prescribed activities.

Street lighting energy efficiency programs for street lighting were included from 2016.

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