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Local Government Energy Efficiency Program (LGEEP)

Note this funding opportunity is no longer available. Note that some of this material may still be useful for those undertaking hot water projects

Funding type: One year, non-competitive co-funded grant.
What funding is for: Solar and Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
Funding amount: $24m over one round only
Amount per Council: $10,000 - $85,000 maximum depending on Local Government Authority size
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Availability: Open from 21 November 2012 – 31st May 2013
Information:  LGEEP website

All Australian councils are eligible for one grant to address one or more facility. The objective of LGEEP is to support local governing authorities to install energy efficient solar and heat pump hot water systems in their buildings and community facilities, particularly where those authorities are situated in low socio-economic or otherwise disadvantaged areas.

Grant structure and schedule:

  • Applications are open from 21 November 2012 to 31st May 2013.
  • It is non-competitive.
  • Councils can make only one application for a grant to apply to one or more council buildings and community facilities and co-funding is required.
  • Applications will be processed as soon as they are completed and once approved, funds will be issued immediately.
  • Approved projects must be completed within one year of funding agreement execution.

Funding Amount:

  • A total of $24 million will be spread across all successful grants.
  • Councils must co-fund projects (15%-40% of total project costs depending on the local governing authority classification and circumstance.)
  • Funding per council ranges from $10,000 minimum to $85,000 depending on the local government authority’s size.
  • If a local governing authority falls within an area within the lowest half of the SEIFA 2006 – Index of Relative Socio-economic Disadvantage, they will be eligible to apply for additional Commonwealth funding and lower co-funding percentages. A list of these local governments is included with the Program Guidelines.
  • Within the maximum grant allocation, small regional and rural local governing authorities will also be eligible to apply for funding to meet project management costs of up to $1,000.

Working out what local governing authority size your Council is

Funding possibilities are divided into the following council sizes: small regional and rural; medium-sized regional; metropolitan and large regional.

  • First, work out what local government authority "classification" your Council is by searching for your Council name in Appendix D of the "Australian Classification of Local Governments, Local Government National Report 2007/08." (An explanation of the ACLG is provided in Appendix F).
  • Then go to the LGEEP Guidelines Glossary section (page 17) which will show you what size this makes you – and therefore what funding is available to you.
  • To find out whether your Council is also ranked in as low socio-economic or otherwise disadvantaged area refer to LGEEP Guidelines Attachment A. 

More Information

We have prepared more information to help you get ready as well as a Local Government TechSelect review of solar and heat pump hot water systems and products.

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