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Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)

Funding type: Financing options include loans, leases (finance and operational) and on-bill finance
Funding Amount: Interested parties are encouraged to submit individual projects no smaller than $100,000. CEFC will consider smaller projects where there is opportunity to replicate this across multiple sites within the same organisation.
Amount per Council: As per above
Jurisdiction: National
Availability: Available now

The CEFC can provide finance to councils to undertake energy efficiency upgrades of existing non-residential buildings, street lights and industrial processes. The Energy Efficiency Program invests directly into projects as well as establishing co-financier partnerships to leverage private sector investment.

Financial terms including financial product type, interest rate, payback period, are tailored to suit each individual project. Financial terms cannot be provided until CEFC has undertaken a satisfactory assessment of the following (this list is indicative and not exhaustive):

• Project and technology type
• Risk (technical, financial, delivery and implementation, credit)
• Life of the project
• Anticipated energy and carbon savings
• Amount of finance being requested from Low Carbon Australia
• Amount of finance sourced from parties external to Low Carbon Australia

Examples of council projects that have benefitted from the CEFC include Warrnambool City Council, Richmond Valley Council, Baw Baw Shire Council and Melbourne City Council

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