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About ICLEI Oceania

ICLEI Oceania is the Regional Directorate of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island nations and as the name suggests is committed to sustainability principles policies and practices.

For over a decade ICLEI Oceania implemented the internationally renowned Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) program to councils in Australia and New Zealand covering over 80% of their populations, launched and implemented the international Water Campaign, and established the Centre for Public Sector Sustainability.

ICLEI’s expertise and experience is in brokering political commitment and management support for local government climate action is widely recognised. In Australia 238 councils participated in the Cities for Climate Protection program and followed a planning, decision-making and reporting framework for local climate change action.

ICLEI has an unmatched record in assisting local councils bridge the gap between their communities’ aspirations and their ability to deliver climate abatement and adaptation/resilient programs. ICLEI offers practical guidance, expertise and proven approaches that deliver tangible results.

About Low Carbon Australia

Up-front finance provided by Low Carbon Australia is helping local governments to roll out a range of pioneering energy saving opportunities.

Set up by the Australian Government in 2010, Low Carbon Australia is an independent company whose brief is to work with public and private sector organisations to facilitate the nation’s transition to a truly low carbon economy. It currently manages two programs:

  • The Energy Efficiency Program, which provides finance and advice to eligible businesses and the public sector for the retrofit of non-residential buildings;
  • The Carbon Neutral Program, which certifies products or operations as carbon neutral against the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Low Carbon Australia deems any technology that results in a reduction of business-as-usual energy consumption as eligible for finance under the Energy Efficiency Program. As an example, we are currently assessing projects that include cogeneration or trigeneration (e.g. in Aquatic Centres), office or street lighting upgrades, insulation and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) upgrades.

In the case of local government, council energy efficiency activities financed to date include power factor correction, variable speed drives, light and light-fitting retrofits, lighting controls and voltage reduction units. Wagga Wagga City and Kingborough Councils are among those leading the way in using finance from Low Carbon Australia to carry out best practice energy efficiency savings in their municipalities.

Visit to view a clip about Kingborough Council’s Energy Efficiency Agreement or to view the media releases and fact sheets developed for the public launches of the Wagga Wagga City and Kingborough Council projects.

While both councils mentioned so far received direct finance in the form of an energy efficiency loan, Low Carbon Australia has a range of financial products it can offer local government to help overcome barriers to undertaking energy efficiency upgrades.

All projects will be considered for co-investment apart from: new builds, residential projects, research and commercialisation of new technologies, and Commonwealth or State-owned offices. For further information on project eligibility, investment criteria and the project submission and evaluation process visit

About Ironbark Sustainability

Ironbark Sustainability is a specialist consultancy that has worked with over 80 councils around Australia by assisting them to reduce energy and water usage through sustainable asset management programs.

Australia’s leading expert in sustainable public lighting, Ironbark has assisted many local governments and distribution businesses to plan for and implement lighting changeovers for both council-owned and distributor-owned lights. Ironbark is also a strategic advisor to local governments on strategic building management programs, incorporating policies and plans to sustainable small facilities ratings and retrofits and reconciling utility meters with accounts.

Ironbark has worked with local governments on sustainable resource management strategies, offset policies, environmental data management strategies and Ironbark staff have been embedded at councils such as Moreland City Council and the City of Port Phillip.

Ironbark prides itself on understanding and respecting how local government’s operate and how to best integrate sustainability into long term council practice. Ironbark has decades of experience in project management and facilitation, drawing upon specialist technical expertise from its staff.

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