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Australia’s leading expert in sustainable public lighting projects and technical support


An evidence-based action planning framework that drives measurable reductions in emissions


Strategically approach resource efficiency and sustainability across all types of council buildings


Embed sustainability into all aspects of policy and planning through the One Planet principles approach

Our Process

Smart Lighting Webinar: 12 of the most Relevant, Topical and Applicable 2019 Case Studies from Australia and the World!

It's been another big year in smart lighting with hundreds of incredible pilots and completed projects locally and internationally. Sometimes it's...

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Snapshot Webinar Now Online: How Councils and Communities Around Australia Can Use Snapshot to Drive Action

Councils and communities around Australia can now get a free Snapshot of their carbon emissions, thanks to a new website launched by Beyond Zero...

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Evidence Based Climate Action Planning for Australian Local Government

Nearly 100 councils in Australia have completed internationally-recognised community emissions profiles and dozens that have set targets in line with...

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