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Ironbark Sustainability is a specialist local government consultancy that works with councils and key local government stakeholders around Australia by assisting them to reduce energy and water usage through sustainable asset and data management and on-the-ground implementation. Over the last decade, we have assisted over 250 Australian councils with the implementation of sustainable asset management projects.

Our mission is to achieve real action on sustainability for councils and their communities.

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Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions Summary Reports Available for Every Council in Australia

Over the last 3 years, Ironbark have been working with Australian councils, ICLEI Oceania, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) and other data providers to develop internationally compliant community profiles for Australian councils. As of February 2018, the number of councils working with Ironbark to develop community GHG profiles now sits at 42 from all around Australia. Ironbark now have a ready-made program that any Council can access with three differing packages to understand your community greenhouse gas emissions.

Waiting for NSW Government Funding?

The New South Wales State Government recently set up a fund dedicated to support climate change activities. Many councils have been preparing for this, expecting this to assist in funding their energy efficiency priorities. Timing of the first round was expected in late 2017. Unfortunately, it appears the program will remain on hold indefinitely, with no certainty on timing or eligibility criteria. What does this mean for your Council? 

Webinar: Getting Solar Right: Borrowing from the Best 

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin. Procuring, commissioning and monitoring rooftop solar. Hmmm, not the sexiest topics agreed, but important ones that can avoid ongoing headaches in council-land. And with Harry Fricke of Moonee Valley and Peter Vun of Kur-ring-gai councils imparting not only years of solar experience but also actual tender and maintenance documents, there is nothing to gain but valuable knowledge, even for those who think they are old hat at solar projects.This is guaranteed to save councils time when procuring solar power and will improve how solar power generation is monitored in the years to come. Come along – or send procurement – to hear from council staff with years of experience. When: 10.30am - 11.30am AEDT on 1st March, 2018 

Joining The Solar Gold Rush – Which Bandwagon To Jump On? Webinar Now Available to view!

For councils, leading on solar means making plans in a changing policy landscape, and developing new ways to benefit. The actual panels are now old hat, but what should councils do about battery storage, power purchase agreements, the Renewable Energy Target and National Energy Guarantee, community solar, peer-to-peer trading? Not to mention the other technical and policy nuances out there! Ironbark's webinar discusses the various options in depth with a panel of experts from council and industry. Find out more.

The Third Dimension: Funding Helps Drive the Development of Smart Cities But How Does the Federal Government Define ‘Smart’??

The results of the first round of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program have been released by the Federal Government; and they’re very interesting! NSW is leading the way in terms of the number of projects and the funding secured, but there are innovative proposals from all states on the list covering transport, planning, energy, and many more areas. However, it is key that the Federal Government does not see ‘Smart’ as simply an alternative label for information technology, but instead views it as a forward thinking and multi-dimensional approach to urban challenges. Find out more.

105 Australian Councils have now Installed LEDs

There have been over 439,000 street lights already changed over in Australia, representing nearly 20% of all lights. If you want to start an LED changeover now, then there's nothing stopping you learning from the 105 Australian councils that have already completed a bulk changeover. Check out what the industry has learnt from these 105 councils and come and join the LED lighting revolution!

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