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Committed, passionate and focused on action.

Ironbark Sustainability is a specialist consultancy that works with government and business around Australia by assisting them to reduce energy and water usage through sustainable asset and data management and on-the-ground implementation.

Ironbark has the capacity, the experience and ability to draw on a breadth of knowledge around sustainable asset management to ensure the development and successful completion of projects. Our main areas of expertise are in street lighting, facilities, funding applications, data management and climate change strategies and action plans. Ironbark has worked with over 200 Australian local governments, state governments and businesses on sustainable asset management projects.

Ironbark has developed the open source Engeneous Software specifically to help councils plan, implement and report on energy and water efficiency programs in large numbers of small facilities.

Ironbark prides itself on how to best integrate sustainability into long term practice. We do not intend to be a one-stop-shop or "everything for everyone". We have expertise and experience in specific areas but if the job is not suited to us we will happily put clients in touch with organizations better suited.

For more information, case studies, full staff bios please contact us.

Paul Brown

Managing Director

Since the mid 1990's Paul has been involved in establishing many sustainability organisations including the MAV Customer Innovation Committee, the Victorian Public Lighting Approvals Board, the Australian Wind Energy Association and the Australian Student Environment Network.

After working for many years in Local Government, Paul founded Ironbark Sustainability in 2004 to help local governments deliver sustainable street lighting and building management programs. 

Ironbark has steadily expanded since its formation and now serves around 200 Local Governments each year. In 2013, Ironbark helped Councils access over $50 million in funding for sustainable asset management programs.

In addition to work in Australia, Paul has also assisted local governments in the UAE, as a key presenter at the annual Middle East Smart Lighting Conference and in Kazakhstan, to plan for large scale energy efficient street lighting programs.

Alexi Lynch

Business Manager

Alexi has been at Ironbark Sustainability since 2009. He works with councils on range of energy efficiency and renewable projects. He brings decades of experience in project management, stakeholder engagement, facilitation and program development in the sustainability field since co-founding the Environmental Jobs Network (EJN) in 2001. Alexi managed ICLEI Oceania's flagship Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) campaign in Australia until mid-2008, building the capacity of Local Government and communities to tackle climate change.

Alexi has managed hundreds of energy efficient asset management programs local governments throughout Australia and worked on the development and creation of the Australian One Planet Councils to assist councils in assessing their sustainability performance against a range of indicators. Since 2013, Alexi has managed a project team that has obtained over $100m of government funding and third-party finance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects throughout Australia.

Lucy Carew-Reid

Senior Project Manager

Lucy is experienced in climate change, energy and water efficiency and renewable technology at both a practical and policy level. She has focused extensively on sustainable buildings, urban design and outdoor lighting both in Australia and Europe.

Lucy has worked at Ironbark Sustainability since 2007 and is based at Ironbark's NSW office where she assists clients to craft and implement effective street lighting and building projects and strategies.

Lucy played a key role in establishing Sustainable Small Facilities, a smart inexpensive rating, retrofit and audit program tailored to tackle council facilities in one visit. The program has achieved immediate savings at close to 1,000 assets around Australia, and council staff and other consultants have also been trained to implement the program themselves.

Her strengths include project management, technical analysis, group facilitation and a strong understanding of the intricacies of managing a large number of building and lighting assets.

Keith Harwood

Project Manager – Energy Efficiency

Keith joined Ironbark Sustainability in 2008 to provide support for an open spaces lighting audit in the City of Port Phillip. Since then Keith has expanded his role from lighting auditor to Geographical Information Systems team leader, project manager and lighting technology assessor.

In these roles Keith has acted as project manager for a number of lighting design projects as well as providing a similar role for street lighting bulk replacement programs and open space lighting audits.

Keith has assisted over 100 Councils prepare for street lighting bulk changes by assisting in design, project management and business case development.

Ross McKirdy

Project Manager - Energy Efficiency

Ross has worked at Ironbark Sustainability since the beginning of 2011. He started as a Project Officer within Ironbark's Sustainable Buildings sector, then as Project Manager working in both the Buildings and Lighting sectors.

In his current position, Ross assists councils with implementing bulk street light changes and with public lighting strategy and policy development.

Ross manages the technical approvals process for new street lighting technologies (on behalf of the Public Lighting Approvals Network), oversees Ironbark's activities as a NATA-endorsed Inspection Body, and is a member of the Australian Street Lighting Standards Committee.

Ross also manages Ironbark's role as an Accredited Certificate Provider under the NSW government Energy Savings Scheme which allows Ironbark to generate energy saving certificates on behalf of councils who perform street light bulk upgrades.

John Hutchinson

Project Manager – Energy Efficiency

John joined Ironbark in 2012 and has been working in the sustainability industry for over 15 years. He has significant experience in developing and implementing Environment Management Systems (EMS) having worked as the EMS coordinator for DSE for 3 years before becoming the Whole of Victorian Government EMS coordinator where he coordinated and advised environment managers in government departments and agencies.

Training and program development and implementation have been a consistent aspect of John’s work, as he was involved in the development of the ResourceSmart Government program and behaviour change training program for environmental champions. 

In his current position, John has been key in managing funding applications for environmental projects under the Federal Government CEEP program, developing and reviewing Sustainability Strategies, which includes tracking against baselines and providing advice on future targets and modelling of actions to meet targets, as well as assisting with the development of reporting tools and templates.

Peter Whittle

Finance Officer

Peter joined Ironbark in 2016 after eight years as a Greenhouse Accounting Officer at the City of Yarra. Prior to that, he was the Finance Manager at ICLEI Oceania for several years.

At Ironbark, he takes care of invoicing and payments, as well as other financial matters like tax.

Patrick Norman

Lighting Design & GIS Officer

Patrick joined Ironbark in 2008 and has participated in numerous sustainable public lighting projects, which have given him a solid understanding of the Australian Standards for street and public lighting. 

He has worked with many local councils, helping them achieve sustainable and safe lighting designs for broad-scale bulk change programs, site-specific designs, as well as park and sports lighting. 

Patrick employs skills in GIS and a range of other software including MapInfo, Perfect Lite and AutoCAD to produce maps, designs and other valuable data to councils.

Libby Gleeson

Project Officer - Energy Efficiency

Libby joined Ironbark Sustainability as a Field Auditor for the Street Lighting team in early 2014 after completing her degree in Environmental Science and Social Science (Environment) at RMIT University. Since then, Libby has worked on street lighting bulk change projects, lighting level assessments and open space lighting audits. 

In her current role, Libby manages street lighting bulk change projects for various councils across Victoria assisting in design, procurement and project management. 

Libby developed a keen interest in sustainability related projects through her environmental studies and previous work in marine parks, interpretation and planning.  

Ronald Lee

Project Manager

Ronald joined Ironbark in June 2015 and has an Honours degree in Finance and a Master of Environment and Sustainability from Monash University.

He is an experienced business consultant and analyst with project management, data analysis and financial modelling skills. He has also worked at Moreland City Council as an ESD consultant, where he supported the development of their corporate carbon reduction plan, carbon accounting under the National Carbon Offset Scheme and worked on solar feasibility studies. 

In his current position, Ronald manages projects across two regions of councils and is involved in several energy efficiency, renewables and street lighting projects covering all stages of the project life cycle including strategy development, feasibility studies, funding applications and project delivery.

Sean Lithgow

Project Officer - Energy Efficiency

Sean joined Ironbark in 2015 and has been working on a range of projects, including many open space lighting audits.

He has an Honours degree in Environmental Science from Deakin University and came to Ironbark after spending several years as an environmental consultant at Monarc Environmental.

Jenny Frieden

Project Officer & Office Manager

Jenny joined Ironbark in 2015 after spending several years as a researcher at the then Department of Planning & Community Development and the environmental statistics section of CSIRO.  

She has been working on a range of data and lighting projects at Ironbark, as well as managing the office.

She followed her undergraduate studies in Geography and Statistics with a Master of Environment from the University of Melbourne and is passionate about sustainability, including volunteering with the Melbourne-based non-profit Climate for Change.

Lei Zhong

Technical Officer

Lei joined Ironbark in October 2015. Since then, he has been working on technical assessments for lights, site audits and design projects. He is an accredited mechanical engineer (Engineers Australia) with a degree from the University of Tasmania.

He has previously wroked in a range of roles, including at the Energy Market Authority in Singapore. He enjoys using his engineering skills in projects that allow him to work with people from different backgrounds.

James Tait

Project Officer - Energy Efficiency

James started working as a Field Auditor at Ironbark in January 2015, and moved into a project officer role in mid-2016. Since moving into this role, James has worked on street light bulk changes across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

He has a Bachelor of Social Science (Environment) from RMIT University and has experience in the outdoor/adventure industry.

He describes himself as an outdoorsman with an environmental conscience and enjoys working on projects that bring about positive outcomes.

Hannah Snape

Project Officer - Energy Efficiency

Hannah joined Ironbark Sustainability as a Project Officer in 2016. She has previously worked in a project management role on water, sanitation and hygiene projects in the Pacific Islands, as well as managing a Small Grants Program for the Bjarne K Dahl Trust - a philanthropic organisation focused on eucalypti. She also has several years of experience in conducting environmental and compliance audits for music festivals, including Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festival Byron Bay. 

She has a Bachelor of Social Science (Environment) from RMIT University.

Emma Chessell

Renewable Energy Technical Officer

Emma joined Ironbark in mid-2016 to provide technical design support on renewable energy projects. Before joining Ironbark, Emma worked for five years as a project manager for CAT Projects, an innovative engineering firm in the Northern Territory, and four years as a solar system designer for Bushlight in Alice Springs. She has extensive experience in assessing electrical infrastructure, undertaking feasibility studies for solar projects and overseeing their delivery on the ground.

Her formal qualifications include a BA/BSc (Environmental Science) from Melbourne University and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Charles Darwin University.

Nick Cody

Field Auditor and Project Support Officer

Nick started as a Field Auditor at Ironbark Sustainability in May 2016 to provide support on a large street lighting bulk changeover. Since then, he has worked on a number of other street lighting projects, particularly specialising in sustainable open space lighting. He has also become a key team member in the modelling of community emissions for councils Australia-wide.

Nick is passionate about environmental issues which has seen him chase many opportunities to make positive sustainability impacts both in Australia and abroad. In the past he has taken school-aged children tree planting, conducted experiments in a physiology lab into the effects of raised CO2 levels on plant defence, mapped forest on the outskirts of Beijing and collaborated with the rural poor to protect endangered mammals. Before joining Ironbark, Nick ran a gardening program at Red Cross helping asylum seekers improve their food security status while also imbedding his environmental values into teachings.

Nick as completed an Honours Degree of a Bachelor of Environmental Science at Monash University, as well as a Master of Social Change and Development through the University of Newcastle.

Alice Almeida-Barcos

Administration and Project Support Officer

Alice completed a Master of Environment and Sustainability in 2008 and has been working in the sustainability industry in both the private and public since 2005. She has experience conducting sustainability audits for homes and small to medium businesses. She has also used energy rating software to rate both residential and commercial properties and made recommendations to improve building performance. Alice most recently worked in the waste management team at Bayside City Council providing customer service information and conducting regular audits on waste collection service providers to assist in the delivery of an efficient kerbside collection service to the community.

Glenda Stowell

Western Sydney Project & Client Liaison Manager

Glenda joined Ironbark in May 2017 and brings a wealth of experience in project management, customer research and strategy planning. She has worked in a variety of industries; publishing, digital marketing, finance and disability services. During her recent 13-year tenure at Commonwealth Bank’s head office, she delivered customer research programs, and productivity projects.

Last year, she was selected as an emerging leader for Western Sydney by Centre of Sustainable Leadership and offered a place on their leadership course. Glenda is a member of Blacktown Council’s Environment Advisory Committee.

As a resident of Western Sydney, Glenda is thrilled about her Ironbark role to support the delivery of her area’s local sustainability initiatives.



Rachel Armstead

Administration and Project Support Officer

Rachel has an MSc in Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University Sweden. Before joining Ironbark she has worked on the policy team for the London environmental think tank Green Alliance, and as a consultant both in London and Melbourne, specializing in energy and carbon management. Through her consultancy Rachel has worked with local governments, businesses, and communities across the UK, Europe, and Australia delivering complex carbon inventories, establishing low carbon business networks, and running workshops and training on environmental management.

Ironbark Alumni

Shane Melotte

Senior Project Leader

Shane worked with Ironbark Sustainability between 2015 and 2017 as a Senior Project Leader focusing on facilitating the One Planet Councils Program and the Greener Government Buildings Program. He has a background in renewable energy, sustainable buildings and sustainability strategy. Previously Shane worked as the ESD Unit Manager for Moreland City Council and the NSW Regional State Manager for ICLEI, where he was involved in the Cities for Climate Protection Program. Shane is now working on large-scale renewable energy project scoping around Australia. This is mainly solar but also incorporating waste-to-energy and hydrogen for fleet.

Claire O'Sullivan

Accounts Manager

Claire was Ironbark's Account Manager between 2006 and late 2016. In this role, she took care of invoicing and payments, as well as other financial matters like tax.

Karl Shanley

Project Manager – Street Lighting

Karl worked at Ironbark from 2014 to 2015, having spent time as a lecturer at RMIT University and in the environment and asset management departments at the City of Yarra and Hobsons Bay City Council.

He is now working at Sustainability Victoria.

Alison Brown

Project Officer

Alison worked at Ironbark from 2013 to 2015. Her professional background focuses on sustainability and communications, and she has worked with a number of Californian and Australian environmental agencies.

She has a Master of Environment and Sustainability from Monash University and an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

She has recently returned to the US, where she is working in environmental communications.

Lester Vaz

Field Auditor – Street Lighting

Lester worked at Ironbark for two years after completing his engineering degree at RMIT University in 2013. He worked on conducting street lighting audits and GIS-related projects and has moved on to work in aeronautical engineering.   

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